Coverages: Auto Liability
Overturned-TruckWith so many variables to take into account,
obtaining the right insurance coverage at an
affordable cost can be a daunting task.
Following is a brief explanation of the basic Auto
Liability Coverage, and some additional coverages
that may be available. 
We would welcome the opportunity to review the
best available options for your business and your
situation, at your convenience.

AUTO LIABILITY: Basic Coverage –

    Truck-Crash-252Primary Auto Liability -- provides coverage
    for bodily injury and/or property damage to others caused by a vehicle for which you are legally liable.

Some Optional Coverages:

    Medical Payments – this coverage will pay reasonable expenses incurred as defined in your policy, for necessary medical and funeral services to or for an insured who suffers bodily injury sustained in an accident.

    Hired Car – this coverage is used for someone who hires a driver to trip lease for him. Without this coverage, there would be no coverage unless the hired unit was scheduled on the policy.

    Blanket Lessee – this coverage is used if the insured trip leases under someone else's authority. Generally when this is done, the driver signs a hold-harmless agreement. In order for there to be coverage when you are not operating under your own authority, you would need this coverage on your policy.

    Non-Owned – this coverage is used in the event the insured is held legally liable for damage caused by a non-owned vehicle, such as a vehicle owned by an employee.

    Pollution Buy-Back -- most liability policies exclude coverage for pollution caused by cargo spills, which contaminate the soil, water, etc. Some companies will allow you to buy this coverage back
    with this provision.

    Hwy-Trucker-252Non-Trucking Liability – provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to others
    caused by an automobile while NOT operating under the authority of a motor carrier and
    for which you are deemed legally liable.

    Excess Auto Liability -- provides auto liability coverage with limits over and above the
    primary auto policy.


    Additional Coverages:

[Physical Damage]
Motor Cargo]
Other Coverages]


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