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Big Rig StackDavid L Pefley, President
Lagro, IN

Susoreny & Associates has been a great company to work with! 
We have been a customer since 1996 when we only had four trucks, and they have now helped us grow to over 20 trucks.  Their personal service and prompt action make dealing with insurance a little less painful.  If Joe, Peggy, or any of their other staff that we’ve worked with don't know the answer to a question, they seem to always have resources to find it.
. . We no longer even feel the need to shop for quotes from other insurance agents, because I feel that confident … knowing that the Susorenys’ are looking out for us, and our best interests.


Andy Lee, President
Des Plaines, IL

Our fleet has been insured through Susoreny & Associates for over 10 years now. Over that time, I received some of the best and most competitive quotes for insurance on my commercial vehicles. The staff members are always professional and friendly when contacting me when it is time to renew my policy. I have complete confidence when buying insurance through this agent. I have always been pleased with the service provided by the representatives at Susoreny & Associates. They have gone above and beyond to make sure my insurance needs were met, and I highly recommend the company.

Julia Ramey, President

We were looking for a reliable insurance broker. After years of poor service in this field, I called several agents around the area before I found Mr. Joe Susoreny. Joe answered his own phone and after our conversation HE CAME TO OUR OFFICE. We signed with Joe in 2002, and have never even thought of looking elsewhere since.
. . Now I mostly work with Peggy Susoreny, and the group in their office. I guess Joe is still answering the phones and making those personal visits. I highly recommend Susoreny & Associates for any of your insurance needs.

Midwestern CuntrysideAnna Dujakovic, Safety Supervisor
; Carol Stream, IL

The personal service given by the Susoreny & Associates agents has been very comforting to our business. We have all had immediate feedback on any questions or concerns we may have had… not to mention, excellent  service and an outstanding experience. We would recommend anyone to use Susoreny & Associates. You can tell by the professionalism that the agents take their job very seriously. Thank You.

Christopher W. Kim, Director of Safety
Elk Grove Village, IL

We’ve been with Susoreny & Associates for about four years now.  As with any growing company with nearly a hundred trucks, the bottom dollar is very critical – and often the determining factor in choosing one’s services over another.  Although it was their competitive markets that initially drew us to Susoreny, it has been their outstanding customer service, their unparalleled attention and the care they’ve given us that has kept us here.
. . Jason and Rick have been our “go-to guys” on a number of insurance issues, and cannot be described without using the word spectacular.  They never fail to exceed our expectations and deliver on things unexpected.  Unless someone offers us free insurance, packaged with the same level of service -- we will be growing in partnership with Susoreny & Associates at our side.

Linda Gouwens, Accounting Manager
; Woodale, IL

Susoreny & Associates has been very quick in running drivers’ MVR information for our company regarding potential employees. Whenever we need a third party chassis, they are prompt in providing the necessary paperwork.  Jason and Rick are both excellent in replying to emails, returning phone calls, and updating us in a timely manner which allows us to run our business more effectively.  Upon receipt of our requests for insurance certificates, they have forwarded the documents immediately.  We appreciate the efficient and courteous manner in which they conduct business.

Summer M. Hammad, VP, Operations
; Highland, IN

Jason, I have had the pleasure of working with you and your team for the past three years.  Thank you for all your help in insuring my equipment.  I have been working in the transportation field for the past 10 years and I know communication is key.  Susoreny & Associates has been above and beyond in this factor to help us run our company.  Because of the constant changes involved with adding and deleting drivers/equipment, we find it imperative that our insurance agent is aware of all the changes in order to keep everything insured and up to date.  Jason, your phone calls, emails, and stopping by the office has given us the pleasure of knowing you care about us as a company and customer.  Thank you for your service!

LiftTtruck Loadiing IM ContainerBJ Kwak, President
; Atlanta, GA

Susoreny understands our business and works hard to offer the insurance products and support we need to meet changing business trends. Joe Susoreny personally visits and calls us to learn what's going on and how we see the future.  Day-to-day, either Joe Susoreny, or one of his highly professional staff, is always available to answer our questions and those of our clients. We also value Susorenys’ support for training, hiring guidance, and operations improvements. Most importantly, we know an extremely capable, caring insurance agency is there to help protect our operation when problems arise. Susorenys’ staff is competent, concerned, and committed, and respond quickly and well to questions, and they provide effective guidance on navigating potential claims. Susoreny genuinely wants to help its owners/insured become better, which is one of the reasons I so strongly recommend them.

Mike Ha, Administrator
; Bensenville, IL

Ti Express, Inc. has been working with Susoreny & Associates over eight years. Insurance is an important part of the transportation business … especially the trucking industry. Trucking companies are exposed to constant danger to drivers, customers, and the general public. Continual improvement on safety of all people are the responsibility of trucking company. Although safety can’t be overlooked, many small to medium size trucking companies’ human resource focus on the busy daily operation of the business. Of course, low insurance rates are very important to us; but a viable trucking insurance company has to be far more than “bargain rate provider.” Susoreny & Associates works very aggressively to find the best suitable insurance value. Their customer service has been excellent. They regularly provide monthly reminders and a heads-up on safety issues. We’ve found them to be thoroughly professional, and friendly to work with. I have the highest regard and utmost respect for professional work they have been providing to our company.

Steve Ra, President
; Atlanta, GA

Our company has been with Susoreny  & Associates for about five years now, and I am very pleased with the service I get from them. Everyone at Susoreny is always kind and try their best to understand our problems and needs. Susoreny has been an asset to my company.

IM-Freight TrainChris Chung, President
; Elmhurst, IL

Susoreny has been a great transportation partner with us for the past 10 years.  We are very satisfied with their prompt service, their enthusiastic staff, and with the industry knowledge they provide to us when occasionally needed.  It’s not easy to maintain such quality with the consistency that they’ve exhibited time and again, as our industry changes so rapidly.  We have great confidence that our relationship will last a long time.

Blaine Danner, President

In my personal professional experience, Susoreny has been very helpful in resolving any issues when they occur, as well as in providing sound advice when my renewal time approaches. I have dealt with several insurance companies in the past and Susoreny has been – and continues to be -- the most customer service oriented.

Unloading-Semi-252David Choi, Director

  • Fast response
  • Prompt follow-up
  • Very competitive pricing

We value our 10 years of experience with you guys.

Joy McCombs, President
; Woodburn, IN

RJM has been associated with Susoreny for over fifteen years. I have every confidence I’ve always been offered the most competitive rates possible. But the “Great Rates!” are secondary to their exceptional Customer Service. Every employee of Susoreny & Associates is professional, knowledgeable, and completely willing to work with me during the hard times as well as the good times.
. . Most people would agree that customer loyalty is almost a lost commodity these days. But based on my personal experience and extensive dealings with your firm, my loyalty is with Susoreny & Associates -- they have my highest recommendation.

Yuri Krutenko, Vice President
; Elk Grove Village, IL

Throughout the years of us working together, what makes you different from the rest of the insurance brokers is your immediate response and attention to the detail, it has become a trade mark of your outstanding customer service.

Rafael Herrera, Dispatch Manager
; Elk Grove Village, IL

Thank you!! The Susoreny agency is a joy to work with. That was the easiest most pain-free experience I have ever had when an unfortunate accident occurred and your company took care of all the insurance needs.
. . Can I nominate you all somewhere for a service responsiveness award?! In all the years I've dealt with you,
you have NEVER failed to respond promptly and stick with me until the issue was resolved. From a totally devoted customer and fan, THANKS!
. . I can tell any potential customers that the support is excellent.

Hwy-Trucker-252Lori Endries, Vice President
; Keil, WI

Endries Express has been with Susoreny & Associates for 
six years.  They have been wonderful and very easy to work with.  It's nice to be able to call your insurance company and speak to a real person
promptly to get your questions answered. You don’t treat your customers as just a number like so many larger insurance companies do.  We highly recommend Susoreny & Associates. Give them a try!

Dan Balich, President

Susoreny & Associates is our insurance provider. Over the years they have consistently given us the support needed to operate our fleet. They provide policy choices and explain the differences between each. They are cost aware of the bottom line. They handle themselves in a timely and professional manner. We are very satisfied with their performance.

David M. Hoffman, Owner

I have been a customer of Susoreny & Associates, Inc. for more than fifteen years.  The reason I have been a loyal customer for so many years is because of the exceptional service I receive.  They are willing to shop around to find me the best possible rates, and all of the associates have always been extremely professional and very friendly.  The times when I have had the bad fortune of being involved in an accident, my agents at Susoreny & Associates have been available to me immediately, and have taken very good care of me.  I am very satisfied with the service I receive and recommend this company to anyone looking for the best value in trucking insurance!

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